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To know the answer to the question ‘Why Syzmik?' is to understand why we do what we do.


We do what we do to take soft shell headgear to another level.  A level far beyond any of our competitors to the point where we don’t have any competition!


Uniquely, for a soft shell company, we have invested millions of dollars in material science, material sourcing, composition, design plus virtual and real-world testing (see VIDEOS to watch our world-first virtual testing). Deriving from brands including NFL, Vicis, Biocore, Xenith, Garmin and Under Armour our team is accustomed only to the highest consumer expectations.  To design and manufacture products athletes want to wear we always include athletes and coaches throughout our processes when developing headgear.


The patented materials used in our headgear are manufactured to exceed the daily demands of today's athletes.  In practice, competition and weather SYZMIK products are built to last season after season.


The result is clear, SYZMIK soft shells are premium in performance, comfort, weight and looks while still being affordable to individuals and teams.  


So, now you know the answer to 'Why SYZMIK?’.  If you still have questions please reach out to our team at .

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